Advantages Of Tongue And Groove Cladding

Tongue And Groove Cladding

The cladding is a process in which you place an overlay on the external wall. A cladding done with timber wood onto the exterior wall is done usually to protect walls from elements and for decorative purposes. Most of the time tongue and groove cladding is done on walls, which gives a great look to a house. Timber wood is actually combined with wither materials such as foam core and vinyl so that insulation capacity can be increased. The timber cladding can be used in domestic and commercial buildings and it usually installs onto brick, concrete and wooden walls.

the common method is tongue groove cladding

The Timber cladding is a worthy resource that is becoming famous these days due to its number of benefits. Most the people prefer people give preference to cladding as it too easy to work with it. Its durability when it is treated is best and precise size specifications meets flexibility in order to give elegant look. A wall panel in a room gives sound installation. Usually, the wooden cladding is done in cold regions as it is also installed as heat installation system in many cold areas. External timber cladding is done in many ways and wood types, but most used and common method is tongue groove cladding.

Tongue and groove cladding is a good option to choose as it is long lasting and it is done with so flexibility that it gives an amazing elegant look. After a passage of time timber wood will start to change its color into a grey color. In fact, you can maintain its original color by applying wood stains and paint when its color fades. Timber cladding can be cut down vertically, horizontally and slanted as depending on the shape and style of wall. It is preferred for cladding to be done in a horizontal way so water could not penetrate. Usually, vertically cladding is avoided because of water penetration damage.

Tongue and groove cladding is done with other material as well, like tiles, stones, and PVC. PVC cladding is another famous type of cladding. PVC sheets are used for cladding for a superior and elegant look. Texture and finishing in cladding with PVC give an astonishing look. It gives a seamless look to a home as its installing is perfectly smooth. It tends to hide nails and on most surfaces, it fix easily. Most of the house owners in Australia prefer PVC cladding as it tends to be cheap, stylish, strong and hygienic at the same time. In fact, it is also sustainable for any type of weather conditions.

Fact about Tongue and groove cladding

In fact, it is a preferred material in places that often face harsh weather extremes, as it handles these without strain. Thus rain, hail, extreme heat, snow are all handled adeptly by PVC cladding. PVC cladding is used extremely as it resists bacteria, non-porous and molds nature and water exposure is found handy is many aspects. Usually done on walls, ceilings, and areas like kitchen and bathroom. It comes in tile look to give a wonderful image of your interior and exterior. Cost-effective and maintained easily so in almost every part of the world it is found useful. It provides insulation to your house and found very economical as compared to other options in the market.

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