Some advantages of DTG printing Warrington

DTG printing Warrington

Garment printing has two main kinds of print methods, which are heat transfer printing and direct to garment or DTG printing Warrington. This method of printing is a pretty new method within the garment printing industry and as the name of saddest, it prints directly onto a garment. The process built printer which is like a larger modified version of our traditionally more available ink jet printer.

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Instead of paper passing through these printers, they allow the garment to pass through smoothly. The printer is connected to a computer as normal and the computer uses specialized software called RIP software. This specialized software allows the printer to manage the colors, produce white under bases and print using a larger than normal volume of ink which is essential for direct to garment printing.

Early Stages of DTG printing Warrington:

In the early stages of DTG printing Warrington was only possible to print onto white or very lightly colored garments as the white ink was not available but as time and technology moves along so has the printing industry and now white ink is as available as the traditional colors. We can now print on dark garments as well making direct to garment printing even more versatile than previously.

Printing Results:

For best results from these DTG printers, 100% cotton garments are preferred although recently some of the new age printers are starting to print just as good on polyester or cotton garments. Once the printing process has finished essentially for the ink to bond onto the fabric with the use of a heat press. This process takes little over a minute but cures the ink and makes it possible for the garment to be worn and washed without losing the design. The quality of these printers are exceptional but that is taken into account the price. We will have to pay when purchasing one of these direct to garment printers.

As with anything, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages of using direct to garment printing, so let’s explore what these advantages could be.

  • As the process prints file directly from the computer, there are no set up costs.
  • Unlike screen printing where the printer must set up different screens per color. DTG prints directly in one run saving lots of set up time.
  • Great for smaller run orders
  • No limitations to color or design
  • Quick turnaround depending on order size.
  • From start to finish the whole process in minutes rather than hours,
  • Colour management and print precision is always consist.

With all those advantages what are the disadvantages of printing?

  • The price of the printers are expensive, and because of this price of garments is a little higher.
  • Ink can be expensive, especially white ink.
  • Take time to upkeep printers. Every day the printer needs cleaning and maintained properly to ensure the high standard of print every time.
  • Printers are quite large so will require a decent space to work form.

DTG printing Warrington is more environmentally friendly than screen printing. DTG uses water-based inks to printing directly onto clothing. This means that there are no excess inks in the actual printing and the only waste that does occur from the occasional print head cleaning. Noted that cleaning does not involve any external materials, except ink. Of course, major head cleaning is possible by regular maintenance of the printer.

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