A Detailed Information Regarding T Shirt Printing Near Me

T-Shirt Printing Near Me

You must have noticed increasing trends of t shirt printing near me. Have you ever been curious about the history of t-shirt printing?  Of course, it’s not an art that was just fallen from the sky. T-shirt printing has a quite interesting history that you will love to know.

History of t shirt printing:

It is said that the first fabric printing was done by Chinese rural people in 1950s. They carved some kind of artwork on a piece of wood. Then dipped that piece in ink and press it on the garment. As a result, a print was obtained on the garment. After that in 1959s professionals start printing t-shirts. The methodology first adopted for this purpose was “screen printing” that is equally popular even in this era. T-shirt printing remains evolving for years and this technique has now become an international trend.

Types of t shirt printing:

With the advancement of technology, new printing techniques have been evolved. With these techniques you can, not merely get your t-shirts printed. You can get permanent prints on hoodies, sweatshirts and other garments. Along with that, you can get exciting prints on zips and on non-textile products as well. Major types of t shirt printing near me are:

  • Custom t-shirt printing
  • Screen printing
  • Silkscreen printing
  • Direct to garment (DTG) printing
  • Vinyl printing
  • Digital printing
  • Vision printing
  • And many more…

What fibers are best to use, when looking for t shirt printing near me?

After experiments of several years, scientist and garment specialist has come to an end that following fabrics are best for printing purposes.

  • Cotton: Cotton is most favorable for printing purpose. It is made up of plant cellulose and generates good feeling against the skin.
  • Poly-cotton: this fabric is a mixture of both cotton and polyester. Cotton provides its softness and comfort. While polyester confers the garment a reliable strength.
  • Polyester: a synthetic fiber that is wrinkle resistant and strong. Pores present in it aid the print to penetrate in the fiber permanently.
  • Rayon: It is also a synthetic fiber that was manufactured as a substituent of silk. Also known as an artificial silk fiber.

Latest trends of t shirt printing near me:

Last year trends were changing. Now the year has changed so trends have also been changed. So, get ready to be trendy here you go with the 8 most mesmerizing t-shirt printing trends of 2k18:

  • Woman power slogan: Most common in girls. Just write anything to show that girls are not less than anyone and get it printed immediately.
  • Word game: write any phrase of your sort, get it printed and show the world who you really are.
  • Keep calm slogan: In the year 2017 keep calm got much popularity. In 2018 trend is same. So, keep calm and get your t-shirt printed.
  • Date of birth and place of birth: You must have seen people wearing t-shirts with their date and place of birth printed on them.
  • Bottom line: Get your t-shirt printed with a motivational quote or business promotion slogan. With a picture under a line written with it.
  • Hawaiian Style
  • Sports Tees
  • Photographs
  • Nautical stripes

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