10 Best Burns From The Bruce Willis Roast- It Was A Verbal Assault More Than A Joke

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is known for his sensible onscreen behavior. Generally, you will swatch him smiling and responding to each question with a keen care. But Saturday night was a chance that media got and availed it well.  On this night, at a TV show, Bruce has to face a heavy storm of questions one after another that puzzled him a lot. The most shocking one for him was, surprise entry of her ex-wife. He was asked about each and everything including his films, career, love life, music career, marriage life, and hairstyle of course and a lot more.

Taking about roasters, there was a diverse list of roasters who were there to address Willis with a roasting burst of cracks. The team included co-starred with Willis in “Looper”, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Martha Stewart to Dennis Rodman and his ex-wife who made a surprise arrival.

Here are some amazingly awesome jokes or you can say a verbal assault that Willis had to face on Saturday night.

Gordon-Levitt said. “Bruce Willis is what you get if you isolate the white part of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson,”

Next joke was about their divorce, she said with a laughing face. Bruce, we’re going to have a good time tonight, but don’t get too comfortable because later we’re going to be replacing you with Ashton Kutcher.”

Next turn was of comic Nikki Glaser, who said.  “This is a real personal moment for me, to be here roasting my dead cousin’s second-favorite action star,” “You had an amazing action film career until Jason Statham started balding.”

How can Glaser just finish it up with one? Another crack from his side was, “Bruce has been very active with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which is where they make sick kids meet you so dying doesn’t seem so terrible.”

Bruce Willis

Kevin Pollak, an actor who was in “Hostage” with Willis said. If you wanted to be humiliated, clearly we both know you could’ve just released another singing album,” “Some of you may not know because he bought every copy, but Bruce released an R&B LP back in the ’80s. I did some research to find out whose idea this album was. Turns out, it was his manager. And by his ‘manager,’ I mean cocaine.”

His co-star Cybill Shepherd said.  “Hollywood wouldn’t be Hollywood if they didn’t reward a man foraging into mediocrity,” said Willis’ “Moonlighting”

Roastmaster Jeff Roast cracked the best joke of the night. “The Sixth Sense”: “Bruce Willis used to be a big action star. Now when you look in the mirror, you see dead people. I hope this roast doesn’t end with you, realizing your career was dead the entire time.”

But Moore certainly was more active in all jabs, she said. “I was married to Bruce Willis for the first three ‘Die Hard’ movies, which makes sense because the last two sucked,”

Talking about their daughters she said.  “Our daughters are incredibly well-adjusted, considering two of them are half Bruce Willis.”

She also spoke about their Bruce Willis unsuccessful marriage,

“People wondered why our marriage came to an end. I think it’s because some jealousy started to creep in. … Bruce never got over the fact that I rocked the bald look better than he did.”

After all these cracks, what you expect from Willis. But Willis is Willis, instead of feeling the heat of three-hour assault he burst into laughter on jokes about him. After all this he said,

“My head is my head, that’s all,” a smiling Willis told reporters after the show ended. “It cannot be fixed. This is it.”


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